Revolutionizing the management of assignment-driven work

Stop juggling spreadsheets, documents, ToDo-Lists, and email chains when managing the execution of an assignment. Trecxs brings it all together around a simple yet powerful automated workflow while adding the human insight as key steering information.


Are you executing large assignments such as projects, contracts, or programs?
Or managing a department, event, or operation?

Trecxs helps to manage the complexity and progress of assignments.

With highly customizable indicators that incorporate authentic human input, Trecxs improves your ability to accurately track team and contractor assignments in one convenient platform.

This combination of human insight and facts results in reliable steering information, which can be used to streamline your team’s workflow and bring structure to the execution of assignments.

Successful management of assignments relies on efficiently sharing information between management, team members, and contractors. Trecxs makes it easier than ever to get this done. Instead of digging through dozens of emails and documents, your team can access and share vital updates within the platform.

When your team focuses on streamlined collaboration and communication, assignments become clearly defined and easier to manage.


Trecxs doesn’t just make the execution of your assignments easier to track and manage, it also improves your team’s ability to act.

Assignment-driven work delivers highly actionable insight that allows for quick changes during the course of work. It also makes it easier to identify, discuss, and define ownership of specific actions.

Are you executing large assignments such as projects, contracts, or programs? Or managing a department, an event, an operation?

Trecxs helps to manage the complexity and progress of assignments.

Human insights

How it Works

Use industry-templates or create organization-specific formats and manage assignments in any segment (construction, engineering, ICT, etc.).


Trecxs is web-based and requires no installation to get started. Simply log-in via the browser, and you will be configuring  assignments in minutes.

When your team uses Trecxs to automate the steering of your assignments, you’ll save hours of manual work……and notice the impact on your bottom line.

With Trecxs, you can monitor and track potential risks while executing your assignment to address issues quickly.

Easily add relevant coworkers and contractors to your team with just a few clicks, then collaborate and drive assignment progress meetings from within the platform.

Don’t let the “ Green” facts distract you from the potential deep “Red” details. Trecxs makes it easy to combine human insight with data to create an accurate picture of your assignment.

Create and display well-scoped assignments and clear roles for the ultimate transparency and accountability.

Our Customers

Transparency requires professionalism. With Trecxs, we can not only steer, but we can now also demonstrate that we steer all our assignments in a structured manner.

Simon Roozen

[former] Program Manager station area

Utrecht is the 4th largest municipality of the Netherlands, with an Infrastructure and Public Space program consisting of 15 projects and 4 Conditions. These vary in size from €5 to €100 million, with each project having a project manager and project team. The project managers report to the program manager who is fully responsible for the realization of the program within the defined scope, money, and time frameworks.

The municipality needed to control the risks associated with this project and opted for assignment-driven work. Each project manager takes care of an assignment and sends monthly progress/risk updates to the program manager. Core challenges:

  • Handling each assignment’s scope and updates while working collaboratively.
  • Making information available to all relevant team members.
  • Avoiding a time consuming and manual tracking administration.
  • Clear insights into the project’s risks and deviations so the program manager can steer on common ground.
  • Effective management discussions involving the total assignment instead of managing the incidents.
  • Much quicker progress overview when compared to Excel spreadsheets.
  • An easily accessible and accurate archive of past assignments progress updates.

Download the Case Study:

It’s interesting to see that our daily work is all assignment-driven, but we lacked a structured way and a tool  to streamline the steering of all assignments.

Sieds Hoitinga

Manager Infrastructure and mobility

The Dutch province of the Fryslân has a strong focus on water and tourism, with approximately € 1.5 billion to be invested in nature, mobility, and accessibility between 2010-2022. The province is collaborating on this effort with the central government,  municipalities and various private partners. Since 2017, the province of Fryslân introduced an assignment-driven work approach.

The organizational structure of the province of Fryslân consists of a portfolio -> a program with a range of projects and assignments attached. The Infrastructure and Mobility departments work in an assignment-driven manner at every level. The challenge was to streamline the steering of all assignments at different levels (the province, contractors, etc.) while tracking the progress of execution of each assignment.

  • Provided discipline on steering of assignment.
  • Continuity throughout tracking of assignments.
  • A uniform working method that makes personnel interchangeable and improves the ability to fit in new assignments.
  • Conversations are focused on content. 

Download the Case Study: